Monday, March 26, 2012

Splash'n in the Tub!

Good Afternoon,
Today I am uploading this scrapbook page that I created before Christmas. My son just loved his time in the tub. He would splash and splash and then try to drink the water! His favorite tub toy was this little green duck. It had a hole in the bottom and we could fill it up and then squirt him (like a water gun) he would open his mouth to try to catch the water.
I had this fantastic paper with zoo animals on it. I cannot remember where I got it, as I have been 'saving' it for a special page for a long time. The only thing it was missing was the fish. So I cut out the other animals and using the same style, drew and painted three fish to splash around.
The water splashes are stickers that help show movement of the water.
I used two shades of taupe paper for the background, and a glittery navy paper for the water.

I added the waves with brown, blue and taupe paint - trying to match the style of the animals.
Finally, I journaled a bit on the side of the page. I was thinking of framing this and hanging it in our bathroom but my son (now 15) said it was too embarrassing! My poor teenager!
Have a great week everyone.


  1. Wanda this is my favorite!!! It echoes Australian Aborginee stippling. You've done an amazing job on your blog - Helen

  2. Oh yeah! And well done on your profile! - Helen